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One Art (Hong Kong) Charity Foundation is committed to public welfare and charity, caring for the growth of young people, and promoting social harmony through music and art.

– Combining the foundation’s music and art resources at home and abroad, create a platform for young people to communicate with senior and well-known musicians and artists, promote the development of music art for young people around the world, and expand the music art culture.

– Continue to promote public welfare projects and activities, connect people of different regions, nationalities and races through art, promote good interaction, enhance the vision and worldview of young people, and unite young people from all walks of life.

– Regularly organize different types of cultural and artistic exchange activities to promote young people’s understanding of people’s livelihood, culture and art, strengthen exchanges, and promote social harmony.

– Promote environmental awareness and education through SoundColor activities, and drive more Hong Kong people to pay attention to and participate in environmental protection work.

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